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For many therapists, and I’m one of these, individual therapy is the most challenging and least theoretical of a psychotherapist’s work.  Yes, it helps to have a proven theoretical lens to make out the contours of a problem. But human emotions and desires are just too complicated to be mapped cleanly.   It takes a therapist’s deepest reserves of empathy, intuition and life experience to guide clients toward the answers and inner wisdom they seek.  For this reason, I limit to a very small number the individuals I see.

The other side of the coin, of course, is that individual therapy can be one of life’s greatest adventures – for both therapist and client.   The outcomes of individual therapy are incalculable and immeasurable, because they flow out of the infinitely creative interaction - the dance - between therapists and clients.  Of course, people come to therapy with clear destinations in mind - more of love, sex, friendship, skillfulness in their relationships, or effectiveness in their work; less of heartache, conflict, confusion, failure, anger or other negative emotions. But the path of therapy often winds off the charted track deep into unknown territory on the way to the goal. The desire to change may become the ability to understand and accept.  Clients may discover how to expand their conception of a satisfying life to include more aspects of the life they are actually living - and to be happy with the person they already are.  Other clients have the opposite experience - they see for the first time how their lives or their relationships are out-of-step with who they really are or who they want to be.   Still others have epiphanies that take their lives to new dimensions of happiness or success. 

For these reasons, unlike divorce, family or couples therapy, the course of individual therapy is difficult to predict – and often longer and more arduous than anyone expects at the outset.  I don’t promise results in a matter of weeks or a few sessions.  I promise only that I will use my best skills and deepest intuitions to help you discover the signposts of your unique path and locate the wisdom of your deepest heart.     


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