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Separation and Divorce

Because I am both a mediator and a psychotherapist, the vast majority of my psychotherapy work is in the area of relationships - often ones in trouble or in major transition.  Because I have a working knowledge of the emotional processes involved when couples end their marriage, I am frequently called upon to work with people - parents, couples, siblings - who are in one way or another affected by the event.  This can mean:

  • Couples deciding to stay together or separate.  These couples can use a very focused therapy process - as few as three or four sessions, sometimes - to decide which road to go down, the one leading to separation and divorce or the one going toward rebuilding the marriage.
  • Parents seeking to manage the process responsibly for their children – what to tell them and when; what reactions to expect; if and when to introduce new relationships; how to manage their own anger and that of their spouse.
  • Stepparents and stepchildren seeking to understand their new roles. 
  • Co-parenting after divorce – how to communicate; how to manage change.

Many people seek therapy during a period of their lives that includes divorce as a major event.  Not all of these people need a “divorce specialist,” and in fact, the divorce may be a relatively minor aspect of their treatment.  For many clients looking for guidance, education and coaching related to divorce, however, the kind of focus and expertise I offer has proven especially helpful in navigating those often-turbulent waters.



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