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The Divorce Controversy—Headline Wars
If reading the news leaves you confused about the effects of divorce on kids, there's a good reason why.

The Divorce Controversy—What We Know
Despite the headlines, the research is pretty clear. Here's what it tells us

The Divorce Controversy—What We Don't Know
Much of the conventional wisdom about divorce is not supported by the research. And for divorcing couples, it's important to know the facts.

The Lawyer/Therapist Team
How a mediator works often depends on his orientation. Lawyers and psychotherapists come from different traditions and may have different ideas about mediation. Is a combination of both better than either one alone?

Why Mediation is Good for Kids
How the court system—by its very nature—promotes the worst outcome for kids. And how mediation helps.

Telling the Kids
Creating a positive 'divorce narrative' can be an important element in managing the effects of divorce on your children.

Three Good Books for Divorcing Parents
We are often asked to recommend good books on divorce and kids. We’ve read them all, and over the years we have settled on these three. There are other great books on this subject, but these three seem to cover the all-important basics while providing unique insights and advice from each author’s deep well of professional experience.

The Problem of Parental Alienation
Just what are parents responding to when they ask, "My ex-spouse is alienating the kids and what can I do about it?"

Russell on Noozhawk: Can One Partner Fix a Broken Relationship?
People take on the challenge all the time, but should you is the better question. Read more



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