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To the Divorcing Parent

Because divorce is often such a painful experience for children, we have designed our mediation process specifically with children in mind. Should you choose us as your mediators, we will guide you through a well-thought-out process that lets you shelter your kids from the most damaging consequences of separation and divorce.

How do we support your family during mediation?

  • By providing communication coaching and guidance to minimize conflict throughout the process of divorce.
  • By helping you develop a detailed parenting plan that can help you minimize conflict and confusion in the future.
  • By bringing you the current research on child development — and helping you understand how to use the information in planning your children's future.
  • By keeping you informed about California law and how it applies to parenting agreements.
  • By letting all the decisions be yours and only yours.

Rarely is a divorce free of discord and loss. Mediation, with its emphasis on collaboration over conflict, can reduce the negative impact on both you and your children. We believe, and experience shows, that our co-mediation approach provides even greater opportunities for parents to minimize the damage that divorce might otherwise cause to their children.

For more information about the emotional cost of divorce on kids, the advantages of co-mediation, and more, please see our Articles section.


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